Daimler Trucks. Five strong truck brands

The Daimler Trucks umbrella encompasses five strong truck brands, offering pioneering technologies and tailor-made products for disparate applications all over the world.

Commercial vehicles – no economy in the world can function without them

Food, clothing, furniture, building materials – these and numerous other items are transported by truck from point A to point B every day. As the largest manufacturer of trucks over six tons we have a global footprint and build the right trucks for each particular market. Our international family is made up of five brands. Whether the name is Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, FUSO, Western Star or BharatBenz, they all share one thing in common: we build trucks you can trust. We have vehicles to suit every purpose, with a product range that includes light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks for long-haul, short-radius distribution and construction site operations. The portfolio is rounded off with a range of special-purpose vehicles, including for municipal operations.

The art of engineering: the most beautiful form of art for us at Daimler Trucks

As technology leader we aspire to shape the future of transport actively. After all, it is clear that the haulage sector will continue to grow sharply over the next few decades. Here the challenges we face as a manufacturer are formidable: more than ever there is a need to reconcile the demands of the environment and the economy – and that can only be achieved through innovations. Latest testimony to our technology leadershipfreefron国产宾馆在线观看 comes in the shape of our autonomous Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 or also the first autonomous truck licensed for use on public roads in Nevada/USA, the Freightliner Inspiration Truck. Furthermore we have sent the Mercedes-Benz Actros with Highway Pilot, the world's first autonomous series-production truck, out onto a German motorway.

We offer our customers the leading-edge technologies that they need for their business to be successful. When it comes to efficiency, safety and connectivity we lead the way and continue to raise the bar. In these areas we are constantly working on new technologies, which provide our customers with financial benefits and promote society's interests. Fuel consumption is a key factor in determining a truck's overall running costs – making it a decisive purchasing argument for our customers. That's why we take full advantage of the technological possibilities of further reducing the fuel consumption of our trucks: compared with the previous Actros model, the average consumption has been cut by up to 13 percent since 2011, thanks to the introduction of the new Actros, the Predictive Powertrain Control system and the new engine generation. We are also a pioneer in the area of safety, having added a host of key innovations for active and passive safety to our vehicles. The blind spot monitoring system, for instance, warns truck drivers when turning not only of other road users, but also of imminent collisions with stationary obstacles such as traffic lights or road signs. While it may still be some time before autonomous trucks are approved for usage on public roads worldwide, connectivityfreefron国产宾馆在线观看 is already a routine part of daily life for many long-distance drivers. The usage of state-of-the-art telematics systems offers fleet operators major benefits: overall they benefit from lower fuel consumption and higher vehicle availability. Telematics is therefore a key component in the connected truck.

Our brands give us a global presencefreefron国产宾馆在线观看 that enables us to offset regional market weaknesses. Our aim is to strengthen our leading position as technology leader in traditional markets such as Europe, North America or Japan, while gradually establishing ourselves in the new markets: in India, for instance, we have created a new brand for local requirements in the shape of BharatBenz. All vehicles are produced locally and can be used for a wide range of applications: from the haulage through to the construction sector. Within no time at all, the youngest member of the Daimler Trucks family has become a firm fixture in India's commercial vehicle industry. With heavy-duty trucks we are already among the three top-selling vehicles. At the same time, we are also opening up new markets, for instance in Africa and Asia, with FUSO trucks made in India. Joint ventures give us access to other important growth markets such as Russia and China.

We also leverage our strong technological position and global presence to the best of our ability in order to boost our business – with the help of intelligent platformsfreefron国产宾馆在线观看 and shared modular component systems. This enables us to deliver trucks that are tailored to our customers' needs, wherever in the world they may be, and at the same time to leverage our size to gain competitive advantage. We achieve this by bringing innovative cutting-edge technology to the core markets in the triad (Western Europe, North America, Japan). We are using our classic and tried-and-tested technology in markets such as Brazil, China and Russia. We serve markets such as India, Africa and, to a certain extent, Asia with simple, locally produced technology. This enables us to make huge cost savings because technology that has already been developed and is tried and tested (e.g. engine, transmission, axles) can be used in many markets. We are also leveraging the advantages of a global platform architecture for the new generation of heavy-duty engines: usage of over 80% shared parts allows us to leverage development synergies and roll out new innovations faster on a global scale.

Divisional Board of Daimler Trucks

Key Figures Daimler Trucks 2018

2,753 m


previous year 2,383 m €

38,273 m


previous year 35,755 m €

7.2 %

Return on sales

freefron国产宾馆在线观看previous year 6.7 %

1,105 m

Investment in property, plant and equipment

freefron国产宾馆在线观看previous year 1,028 m €

1,295 m

freefron国产宾馆在线观看R & D expenditure

previous year 1,322 m €


(units) Unit sales

previous year 470,705

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